Health, Safety, Environmental and Wellbeing Audits

Our range of health, safety, environmental and wellbeing audits are designed to guide you and your organisation through the latest changes in best practice and legislation. Our highly experienced team of health, safety and environmental auditors work around the world and across all sectors, helping you to improve your performance.


When you want to do the right thing, we help you do it the right way.

From pre-audit (gap analysis) services to systems reviews, certified standards and best practice excellence, we offer a range of audit products and services to support you, as you look to achieve your strategic objectives.

Health and Safety Audits

We offer a wide range of audits to benchmark your health and safety systems. These range from the consultative Five Star Audit to the international standard ISO 45001. 

  • Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit
  • Five Star Process Safety Audit
  • Group Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit
  • ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Standard
  • Systems Review 
  • Fire Safety Management Audit. 

Environmental Audits

Our environmental audits aim to support and improve the environmental sustainability performance of your business by examining your policies, processes and practices and recommending improvements.

Wellbeing Audit

The Five-Star Wellbeing Audit is an independent, comprehensive and holistic review of an organisation’s wellbeing management protocols and associated arrangements against current best practice technique within the wellbeing field.

Introducing remote auditing services

From 1 April 2020, we launched an amended version of our audit services which allows clients to be audited remotely to the ISO 45001 and 14001 standards, together with our unique suite of 5-star best practice audit services, without compromising on the high standards you expect.

You receive all the benefits of a structured auditing process but with the benefits of the initial stages carried out remotely. This is being made possible by advances in technology that allow our auditors to carry out much of the initial assessment remotely. It enables organisations to obtain and maintain certification standards thereby helping to protect your workforce as well as win new business and retain clients. Click here for more information

Why choose the British Safety Council

Our audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and are the best way to ensure your health, safety and environmental management systems (and associated arrangements) are suitable for your business requirements, promote continual improvement and are effectively implemented.

As part of our own quality control processes, we ensure:

  • Our audit and consultancy products are regularly reviewed to meet customer needs, expectations and sector best practice
  • Consistently high standards of service are achieved through a robust quality assurance process including auditor standardisation, training and performance monitoring
  • Our technical specialists serve on strategic committees for occupational health, safety and environmental standards
  • We have a unique internationally recognised best practice (five star) audit process
  • Industry recognition from awards such as the prestigious Sword or Globe of Honour.